Jun 26, 2017
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FIFA 17 Ps vita

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If you’re familiar with the slow pace, defensive focus and intricate button combos of FIFA 16, you’ll feel right at home with 17. If you’re coming from PES, then things might feel a bit complicated. In PES 2017, things happen naturally. The game cleverly knows if you’re trying to dink the ball over the top of defenders with the outside of your foot. In FIFA 17 ps vita , you have to do all this for yourself.

For all that FIFA 17 ps vita  promises something for every football fan, from the casual observer to the full-kit fanatic, I still find myself wishing that EA Sports would spend a little more time focusing on the basics. You could probably create the perfect football game by letting Konami handle everything on the pitch, with EA Sports responsible for everything off it. But FIFA 17 ps vita  plays well enough that the gains elsewhere – in terms of licensing, authenticity, and big-match atmosphere – more than compensate for those shortcomings. For my money, PES is still ahead where it counts most, but The Journey gives FIFA 17 ps vita  something unique and rewarding. If you can afford it, this year it might just be worth getting both.

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Platform : PS Vita

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