Jun 4, 2014
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in fez ps vita The callbacks to classic gaming are frequent and welcome. Zelda is a regular influence, with a guide who sparkles like a minimalist Navi and says things like “Hey, listen!”. Opening a chest also recalls the triumphant, crescendoing musical cue so prominent in that series. The princess-rescuing plumber is also an omnipresent inspiration but never more so than when Gomez plucks a bomb from the ground and rushes to plant it before a crumbling wall

fez ps vita Where 2d becomes 3d and frowns turn upside down Ever wondered what would happen if you took an old-school 2d platformer and switched perspective to see it from a different flat angle? How about flipping that perspective to reveal a chest where before there was an empty room? But most of all, what happens when you put a fez hat on a 2d game sprite? Magic.

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 Langue :  Dream-Prez Dream-Prez Dream-Prez Dream-Prez Dream-Prez 

Format  :  ISO + Redeem Code included ( For Free Activation )

Platform : PS Vita

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Download FEZ Ps vita Free

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