May 27, 2013
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Download DEAD OR ALIVE 5 PLUS Ps vita
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If you already own another version of Dead or Alive 5, there isn’t enough new material here to recommend a purchase unless you are die hard fan and want a portable version. The Touch Fight and other extra modes are nice but are more of a novelty than a reason to run out and pick this one up. Other extras like the Zach Island arena and the other difficulty modes are already available on Xbox Live and PSN as DLC.
DOA Ps vita Best Choice If you’re looking for an enjoyable fighting game, then Dead or Alive is well worth picking up. It may not have the brutality of a Mortal Kombat or the super flashy 83-hit combos of a Street Fighter/MvC, but the combat engine is solid, the characters are unique and fun to play, and the cross-play feature means you aren’t limited to finding Vita owners to play against online, Dead or Alive 5 Plus on the PlayStation Vita isn’t anything fancy. Owners of its console companion won’t be greeted with a slew of new portable features that can only be achieved using the Vita’s unique technology, and while additions exist, this is essentially last year’s console game on a new, smaller screen. However, that may be the greatest compliment I can pay Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei’s latest entry in its staple fighting series
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 Langue :  Dream-Prez Dream-Prez Dream-Prez Dream-Prez Dream-Prez 

Format  :  ISO + Redeem Code included ( For Free Activation )

Platform : PS Vita

PS : The Only Way To Download This Game is by site Please click on the link Below To Download it

Download DEAD OR ALIVE 5 PLUS  Ps vita Free

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