Jun 4, 2014
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dead nation

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information :
Last year, PlayStation 3 owners got their hands on the zombie killing shoot em up Dead Nation ps vita . I really enjoyed the over-the-top action game back in its release. Thanks to the new Road of Devastation DLC, we have a new reason to get back into the post-apocalyptic world to massacre hundreds more undead.

dead nation ps vita  has the player choosing paths to travel down in a series of rounds. The three paths can lead to money and health, new weapons and ammo, and better multiplier and armor. Choosing the right path for you when you’re looking for a new weapon or are running low on health is very essential. At the end of each path, there will be a final area that will be locked off and you are tasked with killing all the enemies in that area before continuing onto the next round. At the end of the round, your kills per minute will be tallied up, and you can gain extra health, money, ammo and multiplier, depending on your score.
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 Langue :  Dream-Prez Dream-Prez Dream-Prez Dream-Prez Dream-Prez 

Format  :  ISO + Redeem Code included ( For Free Activation )

Platform : PS Vita

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